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06-07-11 MMP Paints Update Rebells update Rebells Bomber paints
moved to sq#46 and ENTIRE COLLECTION RECOMPILED Version 36
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MPFirstv36 required <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

08-12-2010 Finally, after nearly 12 years, a repaired and corrected
Advanced Flight Model and Damage Model set for MMP !
Wolfgang von Wellhausen 3.0  *Uber* glitch GONE ! .. ability to
fly with missing wing sections GONE .. much improved damage models

If you'd like to donate for the upkeep, webhosting fees of this website and swwisa.netthe SWWISA forum,
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08-12-2010 ~ Approved Promised Land Graphics sets compiled and modified by Skidmark on this page hosted by Swordfish

~ from October 2002 the original PLasV1a re-release

Red Baron 3D XP Sound Fix by Mojopolis

02-15-2010 Red Baron PackRed Baron 3D MP Patch beta 0.8
includes correct baronmmp.exe and
Red Baron 3D XP Sound Fix

This terrain set has 128 x 128 pixel textures, reduced sized from 256 x256
pixels. With Voodoo cards, you'll see little or no video corruption. I get
better framerates with these using dgVoodoo glide wrapper, than with
the ugly stock Glide terrains that are only 64 x 64 pixels !

At ground level, the larger pixels look more like patches of grass and dirt
than with *full* sized custom terrains. Get a little altitude, and you can't
tell the difference. Really beautiful work by Kessler and a real honor to
publish these. Thanks Kess ! .. visit

Please note that this release is NOT under the CC3by license. You may not modify these textures nor compilation.
You may not publish these files in part or their entirety without written permission from Mitch "Kessler" Kent.

Promised Land Graphics released to the Red Baron Community under the Creative Commons 3 license !

>>>>>>>>>>> Red Baron 3D Installation Guide <<<<<<<<<<<

03-06-06 PYOD MMP Stock set ... the 22 flyable MMP planes,
modeled by Baron von Helton & Todd Comeau, with PYOD mods

05-05-06 N24 & AlbD3 bombers WarForces late-war PYOD models

N17 / AD2 bombers WarForces mid-war PYOD models
03-06-06 N11 / HD2 bombers WarForces early-war PYOD models

CdT~SWWISA Aerocraft for MMP. 10 model replacements by Charles de Thielt and 12 by other SWWISA members. WFP MMP default skins

NoGunFlash stabilize your framerate while shooting & see the bullet stream a bit better as it leaves the gun :)
LiteSmoke ~ Skywriting Smoke relacement files
Promised Land Object pack + L.O.D.I.System
100% MMP compatable, better appearance with stock framerates !

Red Zeppelin released , my PYOD mod of Dynamix's Zeppelin

Wolfgang von Wellhausen's Multiplay "FiF" flight model for *stock* game plane types with damage models by Wilhelm .. liking this fm for Full Canvas Jacket and Hell's Angels Singleplay mods as well !
WvW2.01a ... includes damage files
WvW2.01aFMonly ... flight model files only

03-04-03 Aerocraft 3D Models section updated !
Added about 70 listings ~ links to SWWISA planes
93 models posted here + over 120 listing~links to SWWISA
Over 130
distinct aerocraft types ~ varieties available ! news:
02-18-04 .. RBII MMP PATCH BETA !
make your RBII>3D upgrade compatable with RB3D CD MMP installs
01-20-04 Past UOP collection moved to uop enhancements

01-18-04 PlayersEdition proposal published !

04-18-03 NEW E-MAIL ADDY: Flybert

Combined aerocraft & object texture convertion palette good for in-game use as well on Paint Tips page...easier use and 16 more colors added, RBII Sky colors !:)

MP Screens Stock MP Title ,'Connect' ,'Lobby', and an improved Load up (Wait) screen I made from the similar SP screen + some lobby screen parts .. great to customise for MP war or squad use

SP Maps added to Maps Page

Ren's WWI Simulation website
WinXP fixes, other utilities and mods


Western Front Patch 2 is the only current date-based UOP, taking Red Baron 3D to an incredible 100 plane types and varieties , WFP2 represents most of the latest developments by SWWISA members and includes FCJ aircraft skins
Hell's Angels is rock solid and considered the successor to the original 'UOP' series.Contributed to primarily by SWWISA artists and modelers, HA also includes some neat contributions by Baron von Helton.
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